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Janice Pennington

Janice Pennington

Welcome to the game/search Husband, Lover, Spy (TM)
Join the game and become a cybersleuth.

I would like to thank all of you who have participated in my last efforts to make sure that no stone has gone unturned.

To visit the Husband, Lover, Spy site, please click here:


If you know the password from a previous visit, enter it here to proceed to the Op Center:

If you would like to read my true story -- Click here for information on ordering "Husband, Lover, Spy"

Husband, Lover, Spy bookcover

Due to the pain that one must endure when a loved one disappears, I decided to sponsor THE MISSING PERSONS CYBERCENTER ( so we can assist families in their quests to learn the fate of missing family members.

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