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Hollywood Screenplay Discovery Awards™ Winners
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Scroll down for the 1997, 1996 and 1995 winners.

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BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, MAY 18, 1998 -- The Columbus Screenplay Discovery Awards announced its winners today. Over 1,400 screenwriters and writers from all over the world entered the 1997 Columbus Screenplay Discovery Awards™ and the Opus Magnum Manuscript Discovery Awards™.

The screenplay winners are:

First Place: "Finder's Fee," a comedy by Richard Morton of Tennessee, story by Robert Jones of Florida. Matt Clark, a young advertising executive, buys a fixer-upper from a sweet old lady but discovers after moving in that it has also been sold to an attractive young lady named Terry. When Matt goes to his new job he discovers that Terry is his new boss.

Second Place: "Clubman," a thriller by Ted Rodemeyer of Washington. An ambitious young bartender must battle a sadistic underworld drug kingpin and his chainsaw wielding henchmen to realize his dream of owning a nightclub and winning the love of a phantom woman.

Third Place: "Run for the Money," a road comedy by Steven A. Finly of California. The discovery of a gangster's long lost car in Mexico brings out the best and worst in several people hoping to claim its treasure.

The manuscript winners are:

First Place: "The Undertaker" by William F. Brown of Ohio. "The Undertaker" is a fast-paced action-suspense novel. The story's hero, Pete Talbot, knew he had a problem when Gino Parini shoved a .45 in his faced and showed him his obituary ripped out of that morning's newspaper.

Second Place: "Particle Dreams," by Ron Howland of Massachusetts. This novel tells the story of a troubled high school teacher who explores the seemingly accidental drowning of a beautiful student. What he unearths is more than a murder - a vast, nameless conspiracy.

Third Place: "Uncool," a novel written by Bo Rinaldo of New York. In a wish-fulfilling accident, teen Roland Pacia kills a man whom he thinks is a danger to his family. Roland buries the body and when his highly active conscience goads him to exhume it, forces beyond his control make that move impossible.

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1996 Columbus & Opus Magnum Winners

We Congratulate Our Screenplay Winners!!
  • First Place: Ms. Terry Madden - Oak View, California.
    "Passiontide" - A young woman kills a priest, assumes his identity, and eventually becomes Pope.

  • Second Place: Ms. Diane Burrell - Hollywood, California.
    "The Last King" - A mighty king and seven trusted soldiers engage the help of a conflicted sorceress to battle the demons which threaten to annihilate their country.

  • Third Place: Mr. William S. Ungerman - Santa Ana, California.
    "SadMary" - A CIA agent and rookie female FBI agent track stolen nuclear bombs to a rogue operation selling them to the highest bidder.

    Honorary Mention: "The Harvest," by Diane Kelly. "John Brown's Body," by Brian Godawa. "The Great Lampoozi," by Lisa Marie Petersen. "Blood & Ice," by Gerri George.

We Congratulate Our Manuscript Winners!!
  • Mr. George Patterson - Roseland, New Jersey.
    "Patterson of Tibet" - The true story of a young Scot who became a key figure in Tibet's revolt against China, and in the escape of the Dalai Lama.

  • Mr. Lennie Varasano - West Long Branch, New Jersey.
    "Time Is The Essence" - A tale chronicling the rise of a messianic healer as prophesied by ancient seers.

    Honorary Mention: "Dream of Venus," by Miles Beller.

1995 Columbus Screenplay Discovery Awards™ Winners

The Columbus Screenplay Discovery Awards announces
that director Ted Kotcheff ("First Blood," Weekend at Bernie's")
optioned one of our winners -- "It's a Wonderful Death" by Keith Davidson.

Over 1,100 screenwriters from all over the world entered the 1995 Columbus Screenplay Discovery Awards™ . . . and the winners are:

First Place: "It's A Wonderful Death," a comedy written by Canadian Keith Davidson, about a husband and wife who come back from the dead to battle over the soul of the country's last honest politician...."Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" meets "The War of the Roses."

Second Place: "Stealing Thunder," a romantic adventure written by Californian John Rossi, about a scheming vaudeville magician with his mind set on becoming rich, and a runaway rich girl who wants to become a famous sharpshooter. Their paths collide in the extraordinary world of con men and gold miners. A whimsical tale of magic, loyalty and love.

Third Place: "Murphy's Lawn," a comedy written by Californians Kevin Naughton and Craig Petersen, about the misadventures of a romantic gardener trying to win the love of a beautiful pool cleaner. His fate hinges on whether he teams up with a toxic waste tycoon or casts his lot with an eccentric scientist on his flying biosphere.

Screenplay Discovery Awards || Testimonials - Screenplay Awards
Winners 1998 - 2000 || Winners 1995 - 1997

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