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The Screenwriting FAQ

                                       WELCOME TO THE
                                (FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS)

This edition is dated :___March 20, 1995_______.

The purpose of the F.A.Q. is to address some of the most often posed inquiries that SCRNWRIT (motion picture and television screenwriting E-Mail discussion list) receives.

The document you are reading now contains a chapter by chapter list of all the material currently available. You may access each chapter and either read and/or down load as you desire.

By reading the entire F.A.Q. you can "catch up" with the regular contributors to SCRNWRIT and get a better grasp of some of the matters discussed there. The F.A.Q. will also introduce you to some of the SCRNWRIT participants. You'll find a lot of excellent information here mixed with humor and common sense.

The topics covered in the F.A.Q. are:

   I.  Art vs. Commercialism

  II.  Agents
       A.  The Basics Of Getting An Agent
           1.  Part 1
           2.  Part II
       B.  Step By Step Of Getting An Agent
       C.  Querying Agents
           1.  How to Start
           2.  A Hint
           3.  Some Percentages
           4.  Cover Letter
           5.  Registration #
       D.  One Agency
       E.  Small vs. Large Agency
           1.  (Part I)
           2.  (Part II)
       F.  Agents and Money
           1.  Reading Fees
           2.  10%
       G.  Canadian Agents

  III. Books
       A.  Craft of Screenwriting
       B.  Biographies of & Interviews With Screenwriters
       C.  Published Scripts
       D.  Marketing Screenplays
       E.  Business of Hollywood
       F.  Misc.
       G.  Book Stores

  IV.  Brads

   V.  Contests and Fellowships
       A.  Commentary
       B.  Contest Book
       C.  Contests & Fellowships
           1.  America's Best
           2.  Austin Heart of Film Festival
           3.  Chesterfield Film Company
           4.  Christopher Columbus Screenplay Discovery Awards
           5.  Walt Disney
           6.  Nevada Motion Picture Economic Development
           7.  Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting
           8.  Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema
           9.  Southwestern Writer's Workshop
           10. Sundance Institute
           11. Texas World Video
           12. Warner Bros./Lorimar
           14. Writer's Workshop
           15. WorldFest Charleston
           16. WorldFest Houston
           17. T.W. Wharton Screenwriting Awards
           18. Claddagh Films Annual Script Awards
           19. Cyclone Productions - Screenwriter's Project
           20. H.B.O. Screenwriter Project Contest

  VI.  Copyright/Registration
       A.  Basics
       B.  Copyright Protection Explained
       C.  Copyright Info - On Line   
       D.  WGA Registration

  VII. Legal Matters
       A.  Danger Signals
           1.  A Deal But No Money
           2.  Partnership Agreements
       B.  Standard Release Forms
           1.  About Release Forms
           2.  One Example      
           3.  Two Other Examples
           4.  A Fourth Example
       C.  Rights for a Sequel
       D.  Buchwald vs. Paramount
       E.  Parody
       F.  Fair Use
 VIII. Magazines
       A.  American Cinematographer
       B.  Box Office
       C.  Creative Screenwriting:
       D.  Drama-Logue
       E.  FilmMaker
       F.  Film & Video
       G.  Hollywood Scriptwriter
       H.  InMotion Film & video
       I.  Markee
       J.  Movieline
       K.  New York Screenwriter
       L.  Premiere
       M.  Science News
       N.  Scenario (The Magazine of Screenwriting Art)
       O.  WGA Journal
       P.  Wired
       Q.  Writer's Digest
       R.  The Writer
       S.  Screenwrite Now! Magazine

  IX.  Misc.
       A.  Lies My Agent Told Me
       B.  What Does A Script Consultant Do?
       C.  What Does A Script Reader Do?

   X.  Options
       A.  The Basics
       B.  Options - Details
       C.  Option $$$
       D.  Free Options

  XI.  Script Sources
       A.  Book City
       B.  Hollywood Scripts
       C.  MagicImage Filmbooks
       D.  Script City
       E.  The Write Stuff
       F.  Scott Moskal
       G.  ftp Sites
       H.  Notes

 XII.  Script Format
       A.  Intro
       B.  Format Book
       C.  Screenplay Elements
       D.  Universal Studio's Format
       E.  Nicholls Fellowship Format
       F.  Type Font
           1.  Point and Pitch
           2.  Point =
       G.  Master Scene Style
           1.  The "How" of Master Scene Form
           2.  The "Why" of Master Scene Form  
               a.  Part I
               b.  Part II
               c.  Part III
       H.  Format Variations
           1.  S'MORES and CONTINUEDs
           2.  Contradictions
               a. Part I
               b. Part II
           3.  Centering Character Names
           4.  One Script Reader's Standards
       I.  Titles On Spine
           1.  Part I
           2.  Part II
       J.  Script Covers
           1.  Part I
           2.  Part II
           3.  Part III (Plus Title Pages)
       K.  Animation Script Format
       L.  Simultaneous Dialogue
       M.  We See/We Hear
       N.  X's
       O.  Bottom Line Format Points

XIII.  Seminars and Workshops
       A.  Gotham Writer's Workshop
       B.  The International Film & TV Workshops
       C.  Robert McKee's Story Structure
       D.  The Screenwriting Center
       E.  Writers Book Camp
       F.  Truby's Writers Studio

 XIV.  Software, E-Mail, BBSS
       A.  Software
           1.  Script Writing Programs
               a.  Overview
               b.  Final Draft
               c.  Movie Magic
               d.  Macro Concepts (MS Word add-on)
               e.  Movie Master
               f.  PlayWrite
               g.  Scriptor
               h.  ScriptThing
               i.  Scriptwriting Tools
               j.  Scriptware
               k. Opinions
                  (1)  Final Draft for Mac # 1
                  (2)  Final Draft for Mac # 2
                  (3)  Macro Concepts (MS Word Mac)
                  (4)  Movie Master # 1
                  (5)  Movie Master # 2
                  (6)  Scriptor
                  (7)  ScriptThing
                  (8)  Scriptware      
           2.  Story Construction/Assistance Programs
               a.  Collaborator
               b.  Corkboard
               c.  Idea Fisher
               d.  PLOTS UNLIMITED
               e.  Storyline Pro
               f.  Dramatica
               g.  Example - Idea Fisher
               h.  Opinion
                   (1)  Corkboard # 1
                   (2)  Corkboard # 2
                   (3)  Dramatica
           3.  Other Computer Programs of Interest
               a.  MovieBuff
               b.  Quotez
               c.  Storyvision
               d.  Storyspace
       B.  E-mail Lists
           1.  Writers Discussion Lists
               a.  Screenwriters and Playwrights Page
           2.  Other E-mail Addresses of Interest
               a.  LISTSERV list information home page
               b.  ftp Site for Copyright Info
               c.  Movie DB gopher
               d.  Buena Vista Pictures Marketing
               e.  An Interesting Group
               f.  Purdue University Writing Lab - Online
           3.  E-mail codes
       C.  BBSS   
           1.  Writer's BBSS
 XV.   WGA
       A.  WGA Addresses
           1.  WGAw
           2.  WGAe
           3.  WGC
       B.  Registration of Scripts
       C.  Registration #

XVI.   Writing Tips
       A.  Some Basics
           1.  Newbie Questions
           2.  Getting Started
           3.  Where Do You Get Your Ideas From
           4.  Common Problems
           5.  The Treatment and the Spec
           6.  The Ultimate Writer's Block Solution  
           7.  When to Stop
       B.  Things on Paper
           1.  End of an Act
           2.  Outline 1
           3.  Outline 2
           4.  Map For A Screenplay
           5.  Accent in Dialogue
           6.  Character Intro & BEAT      
           7.  Backstory
           8.  Beat Sheet
           9.  Tightening Character Relationships  
           10. Becoming A Major Writer
           11. Success
       C.  Network Writing
           1.  Married With Children Info - I
           2.  Married With Children Info - II  
           3.  Bibles & Episode Guides
           4.  Writing Teams
       D.  Major League Tools
           1.  Grisham's 10 Commandments
           2.  Other Writer's Lists & Tips
           3.  Stanley's Script Rules
           4.  The Moral Question
           5.  Story Paradigms
           6.  Road Blocks To Love
           7.  37 Dramatic Situations
           8.  Novel Into Scripts
               a.  One View
               b.  Another View
      E.   Putting It Out There
           1.  Query Woes
           2.  Synopsis
           3.  Log Lines
           4.  The Pitch
           5.  Marketing Tips
               a.  Method Tips #1
               b.  Method Tips #2
      F.   One Last Word
           1.  The Muse -- On Call


Systems will download this document to the printer defaults. This document was typed in Courier 10cpi. If margins change on your computer, select all and choose a smaller font size.


> Whenever you see this mark at the left edge of a page  
> it means the contents of that line are repeated from someone's
> previous message.   
     (The information here comes from many different respondents
     and as often as possible the individuals are credited for
     their contributions).  The file is updated as often as the
     list owner (Jack R. Stanley, Ph.D.) can [or feels like it
     at the time  ;-} ].   
_Word_ Indicates underlines (i.e._Book_Titles_)
AFI - American Film Institute
APA - Agency for the Performing Arts
AOL - America On Line
Backstory - events which took place before the main story began
BBL - Be back later
BBSS - Bulletin Board ServiceS
BEAT - script term meaning PAUSE; equal to one beat of a waltz
BKWU - Broder-Kurland-Webb-Uffner Agency
BRB - Be right back
BTW - by the way
CA - California
CUL - Catch you later
DGA - Directors Guild of America
eps - Page 23
ESL - English as a Second Language
EXT. - Exterior
F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions
FFT - Food For Thought
ftp - file transfer protocol
FYI - for your Information
F2F - face to face
FYA - for your amusement
FWIW - for what it's worth
GEnie - General Electric Internet provider
hd - hard drive
HHOK - ha ha only kidding
HI - Home Improvement
ICM - International Creative Management, a major Hollywood talent agency
IMHO - in my humble opinion
IMNSHO - in my not so humble
IMO - in my opinion
INT. - Interior, script term used at the head of a scene
LA - Los Angeles
Loc - Library of Congress
ICM - International Creative Management
IOW - in other words
LLAP - Live Long and Prosper
logline - One line story plot as in TV Guide or TV Log
LOL - Laughing Out Loud
MEGO - my eyes glaze over
MLA - Modern Language Association
MM - Movie Master script writing program
M-O-W - movie of the week
MTFBWY - may the Force be with you
MWC - Married With Children
NL - New Line, film studio and distributor
NYU - New York University
OIC - oh, I see
O.C. - off camera
O.S. - off stage or off set
OTOH - on the other hand
OWL - online Writing Lab
PA - performing arts; also means production assistant, lowly job of a feature film or TV series
PBS - Public Broadcast Service
PH&W - pension, health & welfare, a category on a film budget
Pinter Pause - pause as a character in a Harold Pinter play might use.
post - another word for a message; also means post production
prodcos - production companies
re - in reference to
ROTFG - rolling on the floor groaning
ROTFL - rolling on the floor laughing
RSN - real soon
RTF - rich text format, Microsoft form for retaining document characteristics in transfer from one computer format to another
RTFM - read the fucking manual
SASE - self addressed stamped envelope
SCREEN-L - E-mail discussion list about movies and TV
SAG - Screen Actors Guild
SLUR - run words together as a drunk will do
SO - significant other
Spec - speculation
ST:TNG - Star Trek:The Next Generation
TP - turning point
TTFN - ta-ta for now
TIA - thanks in advance
TTYL - talk to ya later
VM - virtual memory
VMS - virtual memory system
V.O. - Voice Over
VR World - Virtual Reality World magazine
WA - Washington state
WGAe - Writers Guild of America East
WGAw - Writers Guild of American West
WGA - Writers Guild of America (either East or West)
WSA - film script macros system for Microsoft Word
WRT - with respect to
www - world wide web
;( frown
;-) winking smiley face with nose
;) winking Smiling Face
<: a different smiley face
<BG> big grin
<g> grin
:^) tongue in cheek
:) smiley face
:-) smiley face with nose
: )>> smiley face with double chin
<grin> this is supposed to be funny; please laugh

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