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Hollywood Mythlink
By Pamela Jaye Smith

Pamela Jaye Smith is a consultant, speaker, producer, writer and director with over twenty years in the film industry on features, TV, commercials, documentaries and corporate films.

MYTHWORKS is Ms. Smith's consultation and information service featuring Applied Mythology, Ancient Wisdom, New Science and the Proven Power-Tools of Creativity. MYTHWORKS seminar and classes venues include UCLA Extension Writers¹ Program, Walt Disney Animation, the U.S. Army, American Film Institute, Philosophical Research Society, National Film Institute of Denmark, Pepperdine University, International Vintners & Distillers NA, American Association of University Women, and Foundation for the Junior Blind. She also consults with organizations and individuals re-designing themselves, their images and/or their careers.

Some of Ms. Smith's international story and production clients and credits are Microsoft, Paramount Pictures, Columbia-Sony, director Wes Craven, writer Jan Sardi, Universal Pictures, "A Very Brady Sequel," "Austin Powers," General Motors, Hyundai, Hughes Space & Communications, Bank of America, Cosmo Japan, the FBI, and the U.S. Army.

Ms. Smith is a member of the Advanced Warfighting Working Group, a virtual think-tank based at Fort Knox, Kentucky. She lectures and consults on Group Dynamics, Divergent Thinking, Leadership, the Warrior Spirit, Ethics and Values. Her production company wrote and designed the new briefing video and CD for the Army Signal Command. Ms. Smith is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Military Studies & Intelligence.

Various projects have taken Ms. Smith to the Arctic, the Andes, Southeast Asia and New Zealand. She has filmed on the largest off-shore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, slept in grass huts and eaten guinea pig under Ecuador¹s highest volcano, caught her own sushi breakfast in the Leyte Gulf, and rappelled into the jungles of Mindanao searching for lost WWII Japanese gold.

Pan Pacific Southeast Asia Women's Association
Boeing Space and Communications Think Tank
U.S. Army Advanced Warfighting Working Group
China Exploration and Research Society
California Emergency Response Team
"Who's Who in the World" - Millennium Edition

American Military University - pursuing a Master's degree in Intelligence
Air Force War College 1992 & 1997 - National Security Forums
Army War College 1996 - National Security Seminar
The Wisdom Schools - 7 years formal study; 2 year Teaching Certificate
University of Texas at Austin - BA English; Latin, Film
North Texas State University, Denton - Music, English, Latin

Mythworks Audio Tapes
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Pamela Jaye Smith


A column, by Pamela Jaye Smith, exploring the relationship, importance, and use of mythology in writing, movies, and filmmaking -- in the arts and our lives.

A column that reviews movies with a mythological take, and a unique slant on analysis, to provide a deeper appreciation of what's behind the stories we watch.




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    With links to 18 pages of FAQ archives providing a wealth of information on mythology, particularly as it relates to screenwriting and filmmaking.

Mythworks Logo Mythworks is a consultation and information service featuring applied mythology and metaphysics for the media arts, organizations and individuals.

Seminars and classes
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